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We are currently receiving a large number of sea turtles impacted by cold weather. Please consider making a donation today to help care for all of these new turtle patients! If you find any sick or injured turtles in the Tampa Bay area, contact our 24hr rescue hotline right away at 727-441-1790 Ext. 1.

Your support is vital to our mission in order to rescue, rehab and release marine life.

There is one last gift we are asking you to make after this holiday season, and that is the gift of hope for sick and injured marine life. 

Thanks to supporters like you CMA's Rescue Team was able to respond to over 230 distressed animals in 2017.

This included 5 dolphin disentanglements, 3 rescued river otter kits and 48 manatee rescues and 29 successfully rehabilitated and released sea turtles just to name a few.

We accomplished so much, but we have the potential to do so much more with your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible end of year donation today.

Manatee and Calf Rescued & Relocated
In February of this year, CMA assisted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission with relocating a pair of manatees.

The manatee pair, who were estimated to be between 5 and 8 feet in length, became entrapped in a retention pond during a high-wind storm event and once the water receded the manatees were not able to make their way back out.  Due to the shallow water in the pond and lack of warm water, it was decided an intervention was necessary in order to rescue the manatees and relocate them to safe, warm water. On the morning of February 6th, the CMA Rescue team met up with FWC and several other local wildlife rescue groups to help in the effort to save these manatees.  Once the manatees were safely contained and brought to the shore, it was discovered the pair were a mom and calf!

Upon examination, mother and calf were deemed to be in good condition and were approved for immediate release.  The manatees were transported a short distance to a local boat ramp and released.  Thanks to this big effort, mom and calf swam off together into safe waters.

By donating today, you can help us continue our mission to help manatees, just like this pair.

12 Rescued Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Just Arrived From Mass Cold Stun Event in New England — We Need Your Support to Continue Helping These Critically Endangered Animals!

The 12 juvenile Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were airlifted by plane and arrived for triage at Clearwater Marine Aquarium on Dec. 8 after being rescued in New England. These critically endangered sea turtles will be rehabilitating with us due to a mass cold stun event that has affected hundreds of turtles near New England's east coast in the past month. Help support their care by donating today!

By donating now, you can help us continue our commitment to protect all sea creatures, big and small.

Your support allows Clearwater Marine Aquarium to continue our rescue efforts and will also help us expand upon our current rescue program so that, in the future, we can have an even bigger impact on the preservation of marine life, both big and small.

Support CMA's Mission to Rescue, Rehab and Release Marine Life

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is one of the many environmental organizations participating in this global movement to give back and strengthen our feeling of community. Just as we support organizations that are doing good in the community, we can also support organizations that are doing good for the environment. Support CMA and become a part of our unique mission to not only protect the environment and the marine life that call our oceans home, but also to educate and inspire people through sharing the animals’ stories.  

So far in 2017, CMA has rescued and released many sea turtles thanks to compassionate supporters like you. We hope you will give back by giving to CMA. Here are just a few ways you can give back to CMA:

  1. Donate Now and Share – Donate online to our “BIG and SMALL, CMA Helps Them All” campaign and share with your friends and family.   
  2. Fundraise – Go to and select Clearwater Marine Aquarium as the charity/nonprofit you are raising money for. 
  3. Visit CMA – come by and see us! While CMA is a family destination, and home of Winter and Hope the dolphins, we are a nonprofit organization and working marine animal hospital. All proceeds from admission and gift shop sales support animal care and daily operations.
  4. Shop Online – do some holiday shopping! In CMA’s online store OR shop through and a portion of your purchase will be donated when you select Clearwater Marine Aquarium as your charity of choice.
However you choose to support CMA, you are helping to preserve the environment and create a better world for marine animals and future generations

Big and Small, CMA Helps Them All!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) has launched our year-end campaign, BIG and SMALL, CMA Helps Them All!  For the remainder of 2017 we will share with you stories from throughout this year featuring some of the amazing animals we encountered and of course we cannot leave out a story of human inspiration.  These stories demonstrate CMA’s commitment and passion for all creatures, BIG and SMALL, and the accomplishments we have been able to make thanks to your support!  Without you, CMA couldn’t do what we do. Your contributions whether big or small allow CMA to continue our mission to care for all creatures, BIG and SMALL! 

Ellie, a Quadruple Amputee Inspired to Swim by Winter the Dolphin:

Earlier this year, two very special friends were reunited, Winter the Dolphin and Ellie. Ellie, a quadruple amputee and para-swimmer, and her family made their third trip from England to see Winter and her friends here at CMA. Ellie first came to meet Winter in 2013 after watching Dolphin Tale and discovering it was a true story. She felt an instant connection with Winter because just like Winter lost her tail when she was very young, Ellie lost her arms and legs after suffering a serious illness when she was just sixteen months old.

Ellie is now thirteen years old and doesn’t let the loss of her limbs discourage her. In fact, Winter’s story inspired Ellie to learn to swim despite her disability. Ellie says that if Winter can swim without her tail, then she can swim without her arms and legs.

Here at CMA, the animals we rescue and care for continue to impact many lives with their stories of strength and survival. Their ability to overcome monumental obstacles, no matter how BIG or SMALL, inspires the human spirit, just like Winter did for Ellie.

Make a tax-deductible donation help CMA continue our mission to care for marine animals and inspire people through sharing their stories. Please donate today!

Cheeto the Lucky Seahorse:

A seagull at the beach was flying with what looked like a Cheeto in its beak. The bird dropped it near a young girl who found it, and realized that Cheeto was a seahorse! The family placed Cheeto in a bucket and called CMA for help. Cheeto was placed in a quarantine habitat for observation and she was fed live shrimp as she recovered. The Cheeto Cam was launched so that people could learn about seahorses and watch Cheeto’s recovery. The live webcam received hundreds of thousands of views and Cheeto received a lot of fans! After three weeks of rehabilitation, Cheeto was released back into the Gulf.

Cheeto's rescue story is just one example of the BIG impact that something seemingly so small can have on so many people. Your support helps CMA continue our efforts to raise awareness and inspire people to help rescue and preserve marine life, no matter how big…or in this case, small!

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