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by Clearwater Marine Aquarium

On September 11th, 2017 Clearwater Marine Aquarium was impacted by Hurricane Irma. Thanks to our amazing ride-out team all of the animals are safe. Winds reaching up to 80 mph caused damage to our facility, which is home to both our resident and rehabilitating marine animals. For six days, we were closed to visitors to focus on the safety and care of our animals. As a non-profit organization we depend on you, as guests and donors, to stay running. Since we were closed for a six-day period, that caused a crucial loss in funding.

Your donations will help us continue our work of rescue, rehab and release and also help us repair damage to our facility caused by the storm.

Your donations will directly support:
  • Animal care for our residents
  • Animal rescue efforts
  • Repair of damages to our facility and boats
  • Storm preparation expenses
  • Cost of clean up
  • The losses of funds associated with closing to the public

We appreciate your well wishes, voices of encouragement and support throughout this time. 

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