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March 4th Update

Many thanks to all of those who have donated to our Operation Cold Stun campaign. We have now responded to over 250 sea turtles this year. With your donations, our team has been able to work diligently on rehabilitating these sea turtles. On March 2nd, we were able to release one of our cold stun intakes, Falcon, along with a Kemp's ridley sea turtle, Flash. Watch the release video here

We still need help so we can continue our sea turtle program efforts, including the care of our cold stun intakes.


February 19th Update

2016 Cold-stunned intakes: 224 sea turtles with 93 live intakes.

The cold stun sea turtle intakes are continuing and we still need your help. With another cold spell ahead, we are in desperate need of resources to continue in our rescue and rehab efforts.

Help us surpass our goal of $25,000, as we have had more sea turtle intakes than we could have anticipated.

In the past month alone, we have nearly exceeded the amount of intakes than the entire year of 2015

Last week, we told you about our huge cold-stunned sea turtle rescue event. Watch here.


February 10th Update

With the recent cold weather, it is happening again.  Our resources are dwindling and we need your help immediately.  We anticipate many more sea turtles to come in as the weather persists. 

2016 Cold-stunned intakes:  143 sea turtles with 69 live intakes.

Success Story - Cheetah Release

On February 2nd, we released a cold-stunned Kemp's Ridley sea turtle named Cheetah.  We rescued Cheetah in our first batch of intakes, and was cleared to be released after some basic treatment.  


January 2016
This huge rescue event has been making local headlines.

The Tampa Bay area reached frigid temperatures, causing an influx of sea turtle intakes at CMA. Sea turtles are reptiles, they assume the temperatures of the environment around them. When the temperatures drop, it puts sea turtles at risk of being cold-stunned. Most of the turtles were already compromised with viruses, boat strikes and buoyancy issues.  We have now rescued over 25 sea turtles near death

According to Adrienne Cardwell, Manager of Sea Turtles and Aquatic Biology Programs, the Sea Turtle Team hasn't slept in days due to the round-the-clock care needed for the green sea turtles who are on basic life support.  

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is providing critical care to these sick sea turtles 24 hours a day. It costs $300/per day to rehabilitate each sea turtle intake. We rely on your donations and we need your help. Please help us make our goal of $25,000 by making a contribution to help us continue our rescue and rehab efforts. Your donations contribute to the purchase of sea turtle care items such as, large 27 gallon black storage bins, towels, fishing temperature probes, freestyle light glucometers, etc. 

About CMA

We believe in preserving our marine life and environment while inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education, research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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